Valentines wine pairing 2019

First of all, thank you for supporting the Viticulture and Enology and Culinary Arts Programs by attending our wine dinners in October and December. At the conclusion of the Holiday Dinner, many of you expressed a desire to sign up right then and there for our Valentine Dinner. We weren’t quite ready for you, but we are now.

Our Valentine Dinner will feature hors d oeuvres at 6:00 and a three-course menu. Each course will be paired with two distinct wines that highlight different characteristics in the food. At the end of the meal, you will receive a box of hand-made chocolates that you can enjoy right there or take home for later.

Since you have supported us in the past, we are giving you the opportunity to purchase tickets now, before we announce the dinner to the general public. The dinner is $65 per person, with proceeds benefitting the scholarship funds for each of the programs. Tickets can be purchased at .

Again, thank you for your support.